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Vaping 101

E-Cigarette Smoker
The E-Cigarette industry is estimated to be a $10 Billion industry by the end of 2017

If you haven’t lived in a cave for the past 5 or 6 years, you know what vaping is. You’ve seen the vape tournaments, the memes, and the futuristic-looking pens and boxes that people are using. You probably even have a couple of friends that do it! But you can’t help but wonder, what exactly is it? Why is it so popular? What are they even doing? Well, this article should help give you a little more insight on what is going on in this booming industry.

How Vaping Works

So, what exactly is vaping? Well the vapor that they are referring to is basically water vapor that made by heating “e-liquid” to its boiling point. This e-liquid will have flavoring and might contain nicotine. The idea was originally to help people who smoked cigarettes quit. Many people still use this as a quitting device as you can buy liquids with nicotine in them and slowly wean yourself off. Added benefits for people looking to switch from cigarettes to vaping is you don’t have the bad breath, stale odor, and (of course) the health risks are much lower.

The vape industry has been on a constant rise since 2013, as more people are starting with vaping and not smoking now. There has been an entire culture centered around vaping, including competitions with the primary goal being to create cool tricks with the vapor or to blow the biggest and thickest cloud of vapor. Most places will permit vaping inside, but it is not encouraged because of the strong smell generated by the vapor. Also, just like with smoking, vaping has age restrictions due to the nicotine content in the e-liquid. You must still be 18 to use these products.

One of vaping’s main claims to fame has been the RIDICULOUS amounts of flavors you can get! I mean, it’s crazy how many there are out there. The flavor-packed e-juice can most often times taste like anything you want: from minty, to sweet, and everything else you could imagine.

Getting Started

Many people decide to start vaping without really knowing what kind of products are out there and what they should be using. There are a couple different mediums that people will use to vape, these are typically: oils, waxes, and dry herbs. Now, each of these come with kinds of equipment, so you want to make sure that no matter what kind of medium you are vaping, you have the right equipment to go with it.

Much larger vaporizers are needed to create vapor from dry herbs. Combustion does not occur in the chamber, instead there is usually a hot plate or heated air warming up the herbs to release the vapor so that the toxins do not reach your lungs like they do with smoking. A common problem is that a lot of vaporizers will say that they turn the herb into a vapor, but a lot can just burn the herb causing a more smoke-like substance instead. The “E-Clipse dry herb vaporizer” uses a ceramic heating chamber that does not combust the herbs, so it is considered a “true vape” and not smoke.

One of the more common pieces you see people using to vape is the electronic cigarette. These are more common due to the fact that they are smaller than vaporizers. They are designed to mimic smoking a cigarette, so many people use these as their segue to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes use E-juices, which they turn into a tasteful vapor. This is where most of the crazy flavors come into play, so if that is what drew you into the vaping world, this is the piece you’re looking for.

Electronic Cigarettes can come in many forms and are composed of two distinct pieces that you can mix and match depending on your preferences. First you would need to choose your vape tank, this is the part that holds the E-Liquid and heating coil that turns the liquid into a vapor. There are four different types of tanks that you can buy: standard, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, or Sub-Ohm. These all align with the different mods you can buy as well. It is important that you get a tank that matches with the mod you want, as this can affect the vapor if they are not supportive of each other.

The mods you can buy make your vaping experience more custom for what you’re looking for. This can help with battery life, thickness of vapor, flavor enhancement, etc. Generally, mods are broken into two main categories: mechanical and variable voltage or wattage mods. Mechanical mods (or mech mods) are the bulkier pieces that you see- you know, the big box looking ones. These mods are more intricate and can be broken down piece by piece to be repaired or to be attached to other mods. These mods are more common for people who have a bit more experience with vaping and want to build a specific type of mod for exactly the experience they are looking for. The other type of mod is the variable voltage or wattage mod. These mods are typically smaller and easier to manage, as well as more straightforward with how to work them. No matter what kind of mod you are looking for, it is important to do your research prior to purchasing so that you are making sure that each mod is going to be giving you what you’re looking for. If you are looking to have a smaller, sleeker mod but want the battery of a larger one the Steamcloud Mini-Vape Pen would be perfect, the cartridge tucks into the side to make it easier to carry, and the battery will last you all day long.

SteamCloud Mini-Vape Pen retails for about $40 USD

Mediums for Vaping

Like we stated before there are typically three different types of mediums that you can create vapor from: oils, waxes, and dry herbs. It’s important to know what kind of medium you are looking to vape so that you can buy the equipment designed for it.

Dry Herbs are only used in large vaporizers, and are used for many different reasons depending on what herb you are using. A main herb that people associate with this is cannabis, which is growing in popularity – and legality- across the nation. While there is a huge stigma still attached to the plant, you might be surprised to find out that it really only became an issue in the 1930s with the “reefer madness” idea that smoking would make people sex-crazed. However, cannabis can actually help with many issues such as chronic pains, arthritis, stress, and sleep-related issues. Vaping cannabis can help with these issues, without the added worry of lung or respiratory issues as vapor is easier on the body than smoke. If you are still on the fence about cannabis, there are several other herbs that you can vape that are known to help many different issues. Basil leaves can help with cold and flu symptoms as well as indigestion issues. Bearberry can help ease headaches and provides a calming sensation. Blue Lotus can help with anxiety and depression. Catnip, while used to make cats go wild, can actually help with sleep when vaped. There are so many dry herbs that aid with many different issues commonly found, everything from blood sugar to fertility. If you are looking to vaping for health benefits, dry herbs are probably the way to go.

When it comes to smoking oils, it’s important to understand that while coming from the hemp plant, many of these oils do not contain THC. Hemp Oil is the oil from the seed of the plant. CBD Oil is made from parts of the plant which do not contain THC. Marijuana oil is the only oil found with a high concentration of THC, used for the same purpose of cannabis vaping, mostly being pain relief. You can find all of these oils in different flavors. These oils are much more concentrated than e-liquids or dry herbs, meaning that the best option is to start with low doses to find your tolerance level.

Oils are not nearly as common as E-Liquids, these are the little bottles of wacky flavors that you can find. E-Liquids can range from having no nicotine to around mg of it, making it ideal for people looking to quit smoking. With all the different flavors and nicotine consistencies you can find, it is no surprise that most people choose E-Liquids to start vaping.

No matter what your reason for starting to join the vaping community, there are many options out there for you to choose what is best for you. If you are coming from trying to quit smoking, the health benefits are probably what is pulling you in, and there are plenty. If you are interested in the vape competitions, there are many different mods you can purchase to help make you a pro-vaper. Regardless, the vaping community is growing, and it is clear to see why. With so many benefits, both to your health and financially, and the many different options, the vaping community has opened its doors to let everyone have their own freedom in the newest trend – as long as your legal age of course.