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What You Purchase in Vegas, You Must Smoke in Vegas

Las Vegas Welcome Sign
Welcome to Las Vegas: new home for legal cannabis

Tomorrow, July 1 2017, the city most famous for debauchery and over-indulgence will begin selling marijuana for recreational use. November’s elections decided by a 10 point margin to allow persons 21 years or older to purchase marijuana from state-regulated businesses, which is sure to boost the already thriving tourism industry in the legendary city of sin1.

Following suit with other states that are legalizing marijuana for personal, non-medical use, there is a carry limit of 1 ounce. This legislation comes nearly 2 decades after the state approved marijuana for medical use back in 2000.

Vegas Marijuana Dispensaries

A quick search for dispensaries in Las Vegas will give you a variety of options to choose from, with some near tourist hot spots like the Vegas strip. Local news sources are reporting dispensaries hosting midnight grand openings just after midnight on July 1, and local officials are expecting a large turnout2. Some dispensaries have already announced that they will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like most bars and casinos.

For those interested in opening their own recreational marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, it will be a bit of a challenge over the next few years. Currently, only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed to sell for recreational use, and there is a long list of applicants waiting to become a licensed dispensary or cultivator.

Public Marijuana Use in Vegas

With regards to public use policy for marijuana, law enforcement officials have stated that marijuana use within non-private residences (hotels) and in public view will not be allowed. Casinos that allow tobacco smoking inside will also not allow cannabis use. It is well-known that public consumption of alcohol is generally permitted on the Las Vegas strip, so perhaps this will change in the future.

Along with the carry limit we mentioned before, any marijuana purchased in the state of Nevada, must stay in Nevada. What you purchase in Vegas, you must smoke in Vegas!

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