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Local Government in Florida Puts the Kibosh on Kush

City Council Gavel
Local leaders are meeting this month to decide whether or not to allow cannabis dispensaries in their communities

Earlier this month, Florida residents learned the exciting news that the Florida State Senate had finally passed bill SB-8A, allowing the Florida Department of Health to begin the process of regulating Medical Cannabis sales. However, some municipal governments have other ideas.

Cities and towns throughout Florida have the option to opt out of medical cannabis sales in their jurisdictions by making it difficult or impossible to open up dispensaries. This includes strict zoning regulations, banning of medical cannabis, and legal injunctions. The big question is, why?

Currently, medical cannabis dispensaries will be zoned in the same manner as pharmacies. This means that they can legally operate within 1000 feet of a school, a concern for some Florida parents. What cannabis activists are saying in response to this fear, is again, why? Cannabis patients will be required to show proper photo identification before picking up their products. Compare this to most  pharmacies that only require a last name and a birth date to pick up hydrocodone, amphetamines, and other prescribed narcotics.

Among cities and counties taking a stand against medical cannabis are Coral Gables1, Collier County, WInter Garden, and Sarasota2.

Is this another case of demonizing marijuana? Let us know in the comments what you think.

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