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How to Make Pot Brownies The Easy Way

Pot Brownies
Pot brownies can be made from any boxed brownie mix that requires oil

Cannabis edibles have been consumed for hundreds of years, and can be made in numerous ways. I’m going to outline for you what I believe to be the simplest way to turn dry herb into delicious cannabis-infused brownies, and share with you a couple of tips from my years of experience making my own “special” brownies.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Buy a Box of Brownie Mix

Seriously, you really can’t go wrong with Betty Crocker or any other store-bought brownie mix. The most important thing is to buy a brownie mix that requires vegetable oil; the more oil it requires, the better. If you do that, you’re well on your way to getting baked on some baked goods.

Making Cannabis Oil for Pot Brownies

Take out a small pan and place it on a burner on your stove. I like to let the cannabis simmer for a good while on a low heat setting (2-3) to maximize the absorption and to prevent the oil from getting a burnt smell or taste to it. Then pour your vegetable oil into the pan (most brownie mixes require around 1/2 a cup) and let it heat up.

While your vegetable oil is getting warm, de-stem and grind up your buds. For large batches, I have used a blender in the past, but a medium-sized grinder will do the trick. Don’t forget to weigh what you are putting in the brownies so that you know how much cannabis you are ingesting. One of the first batches I ever made, I didn’t, and spent a day and a half sleeping and watching TV. I recommend using about 4.5 grams for your first batch, and cutting the brownies into 9 squares (1/2 gram each).

Once your herbs are sufficiently ground up, add them to the warm oil on the stove. I usually let my oil simmer for about 45 minutes to an hour, stirring occasionally. When the oil is done and ready to be used, the buds themselves will turn a brown color, but will not smell burnt. The oil will take on some of the color as well. Strain the leafy material, or leave it in–it’s your choice at this point. I don’t believe that leaving the ground herb in the oil produces a more intense effect.

It’s Time to Make Brownies

Combine your cannabis oil with the rest of the required ingredients and follow the baking directions from the box. Once they’re done, they are ready to eat. If you find the taste of cannabis off-putting, you might try adding a half cup of creamy peanut butter to the brownie mix before baking.

TIP: I highly recommend making a second tray of non-cannabis brownies in case you want more brownies but don’t want to fall into a coma. The munchies are 100% real.

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