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Kief: the lazy man’s hash

Grinder with kief in it
Kief catcher from my grinder with trichomes in it

Keif is the high-potency pollen-like substance that collects along the flowers of marijuana plants. This pollen, also called trichomes, occur all along the flowers of dried herb and are high in THC content. They also contain the entire cannabinoid profile of the plant.

Why sift your buds for kief?

The major draw to sifting your buds for kief is that keif provides an enhanced experience without having to smoke so much of the ground whole flower. It’s really easy to sift your buds to collect kief, and for most, will require no added effort.

How to sift your weed for kief

If you have a grinder with a kief catcher, you’ll halfway to making your own sift. Start grinding your bud and let the silk or metal screens “sift” the tiny bits of pollen from your ground bud into the reservoir. If you don’t have a grinder, go get one off of Amazon. I got mine in the picture below for $10.

Grinder with dry herb in it
My $10 grinder. Yes, I said $10. Find it on amazon.com

Before grinding, you can also use a kief box (or pollen box) to hold dry herbs, and shake the box to move the trichomes down into the catch at the bottom. You can shake your grinder and/or place a nickel or quarter in the catch with the ground herb to help force the trichomes down into the kief catch, too.

What to do with your sift

Once you’ve collected a good amount of pollen, you can add the pollen to joints and bowls, vaporize it, or put it in a kief press to make pressed hash. I really don’t recommend trying to smoke kief or pressed hash by itself. Although it is flammable, it burns up very quickly and you’ll probably end up feeling that you’ve wasted it. I’ve been told this about vaporization as well, but have never tried it. Leave us some comments on your experience vaping straight kief.