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Kief: the lazy man’s hash

Grinder with kief in it
Kief catcher from my grinder with trichomes in it

Keif is the high-potency pollen-like substance that collects along the flowers of marijuana plants. This pollen, also called trichomes, occur all along the flowers of dried herb and are high in THC content. They also contain the entire cannabinoid profile of the plant.

Why sift your buds for kief?

The major draw to sifting your buds for kief is that keif provides an enhanced experience without having to smoke so much of the ground whole flower. It’s really easy to sift your buds to collect kief, and for most, will require no added effort.

What you need to know about marijuana concentrates

By Vjiced (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

For both medical patients and recreational users, marijuana concentrates are becoming more and more popular. So popular, in fact, that new and exciting technologies are being developed specifically for their use and manufacture. Why are marijuana concentrates so popular? Is it simply a fad? And what exactly constitutes a concentrate?

What is a marijuana concentrate?

A marijuana concentrate is a substance that is the result of breaking down the cannabis flower to remove the leafy plant matter, while leaving behind the desired chemicals (THC, CBD, and others). There are many different methods of production for cannabis concentrates, and we’ll try to cover all of them. Let us know if we’ve missed any in the comments!

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Urine Samples
Urine Samples

With all of the hype going around as marijuana slowly becomes medically legal in more and more states, you may find yourself wondering what exactly is this plant and why all the hubbub and skepticism surrounding it. Marijuana is technically considered a Schedule I1 drug by federal law, meaning that according to federal law there are no medical uses for it and it is a potential high abuse risk. Marijuana itself comes from the Cannabis plant, which technically makes it an herb. The “high” effect that you get after using it comes from the THC content which is found in resin on the flowers of the female plants.

Psychological Effects of Marijuana

In the short-term, the effects that marijuana has on the body and mind last a couple of hours. Long-term effects of marijuana are still being heavily studied, as many studies are clouded by the participants using other drugs as well. However, in a study on rats, we can conclude that long-term marijuana smokers have a higher risk of memory issues. While many believe that marijuana is a “gateway drug”, a vast majority of people who use it do not go on to use harder drugs. Marijuana also does not have addictive qualities in and of itself, unlike nicotine and other chemicals found in various other drugs, you will not get “addicted” to the plant itself. The drug is given the reputation of being a “gateway” strictly because it does allow the person to experience the euphoria that they may end up chasing with other drugs. The rush of dopamine can often be found to be addictive, so while you may not be able to be “addicted to weed”, you can be addicted to the feeling that it gives you.

Marijuana Drug Testing

Whether you’re considering trying marijuana for the first time, had it at a party, or have recently picked up smoking it, one of the main concerns is how long marijuana stays in your system.  Many companies drug test either for initial employment or at random, which begs the question of rather you should risk smoking or not. The timeline of the presence of the drug in your system depends on your use of it – if you have smoked maybe a handful of times it will be a shorter time than if you’re a chronic user. Most companies use a basic urine test to test for marijuana use; so, for a basic urine test as a chronic smoker you are looking at a time line of being detectable for about a month or more, if you are not a chronic smoker you could be looking at around a 7-day detection period. Blood tests are less common, but can detect usage for chronic users from about six months prior, and only within a couple of days for people who do not often smoke. Hair and saliva tests are rarely used, and in fact saliva tests are not proven to be completely accurate. Hair tests can be used as a more long-term method of showing usage, it can show THC in the system well past 90 days. Timelines for these tests are relative, they depend on how often you smoke, how much you smoke, how much water you drink to flush your system, and many more factors. So, if you are worried about drug tests, you may want to steer clear of smoking so that you don’t run the risk of testing positive.

Marijuana and the Workplace

With all of the states making marijuana medically, and occasionally recreationally, legal, how can this affect the reprimands of potentially testing positive on a drug screen? Unfortunately, even if you live in a state where marijuana is legal for whichever reason, you still aren’t in the clear to test positive on a drug test. In the eyes of the federal government, marijuana is still a highly illegal drug, actually found on the same level of drugs as heroin. So, what does this mean? Well, if you get insurance through your workplace, you can be dropped from the insurance for testing positive during a drug screening. This can be especially bad for you if you got hurt on the job, Workman’s Comp can refuse to cover you AND your insurance wouldn’t cover you, leaving you high and dry (and not the good kind of high you were looking for). You can also be let go from your position for marijuana use.

The Fate of Medical Marijuana in Florida & Dry Herb Sales

Dry Marijuana Herbs
Dry Marijuana Herbs

Earlier this week, a friend of mine started the process of obtaining a medical card for marijuana in Florida. We posted a blog article earlier this month about the Florida Office of Compassionate Use, now called the Florida Office of Marijuana Use that went over the process. What he found out when discussing his treatment options with a licensed medical professional was that dry herb would not be one of them? Say what?

United For Care makes a stand for patients

On Wednesday of this week, Medical Marijuana advocate heavyweight John Morgan filed suit against the state of Florida in response to recent guidelines set forth for the execution of Amendment 2 (full text here), which grants medical marijuana access to patients in this state, that do not allow the purchase of dry herb, or whole flower products. For those following medical marijuana news in Florida, this was not a surprise. For prospective patients, this is an outrage.

Was medical cannabis in Florida doomed from the start?

As early as March of this year, cannabis activists and journalists were catching the buzz that edibles, vaping, and smoking cannabis would not be considered legal delivery methods for medical marijuana products in the state 1. Amidst this speculation, there was no clear-cut answer from florida legislators charged with passing a bill to define the terms of medical marijuana use.

In the second week of June this year, the Florida Senate passed SB-8A, the bill Mr. Morgan is calling into question. Section (3), sub-section (j) (lines 205-215) are the subject of debate:

(j) “Medical use” means the acquisition, possession, use, 206 delivery, transfer, or administration of marijuana authorized by 207 a physician certification. The term does not include:…2. Possession, use, or administration of marijuana in a 212 form for smoking, in the form of commercially produced food 213 items other than edibles, or of marijuana seeds or flower, 214 except for flower in a sealed, tamper-proof receptacle for 215 vaping.

This is something completely unprecedented in the history of medical marijuana in the United States. Currently all 28 other states and the District of Columbia allow the purchase and use of dried herb for medical treatment–the question on everyone’s mind is: why not Florida?

Talking with industry experts about Florida’s medical marijuana legislation

I decided that this was not a topic I wanted to tackle all by myself, so I got in touch with some other writers and activists to get their opinions. After a round table discussion with some of our contributors and affiliates in the medical marijuana industry across the United States (all of whom took staunch opposition), I find it hard to rationalize this ludicrous restriction.

Why dry herb should be allowed in Florida

The people of Florida voted 71% approval in 2016, shattering expectations for the Sunshine State. States that have had medical marijuana dispensaries serving dry herb have not seen widespread public misuse or negative public impact. It’s clear to this writer that there is a large disconnect between legislators of Florida and the medical marijuana industry and cannabis culture as a whole. There really is no excuse for the barring of dry herb sales and consumption in Florida for medical use.

What You Purchase in Vegas, You Must Smoke in Vegas

Las Vegas Welcome Sign
Welcome to Las Vegas: new home for legal cannabis

Tomorrow, July 1 2017, the city most famous for debauchery and over-indulgence will begin selling marijuana for recreational use. November’s elections decided by a 10 point margin to allow persons 21 years or older to purchase marijuana from state-regulated businesses, which is sure to boost the already thriving tourism industry in the legendary city of sin1.

Medical Marijuana Stories #1

Medical Forms and Stethoscope
Medical Marijuana legalization gives healthcare professionals greater options for treatment

Like most people, I was completely against marijuana use most of my life. I’d heard all the same things people randomly spout off about marijuana being good for you, helping terminally ill people, calm people with mental disorders but I was an absolute skeptic. I would always roll my eyes and think “Yeah right, you just want to get high,” until my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She could barely eat, if she did in fact feel like eating, nothing would stay down. She wasn’t sleeping, she was in such an astronomical amount of pain that she rarely got out of bed. Watching the woman, I knew to be one of the strongest people I had ever met literally fall apart was heart wrenching. The doctors told us, she had no chance of recovery and happily prescribed her a ton of pain medication. She was worried about these medications, becoming dependent on them and being heavily medicated to where she would not be able to enjoy what little bits of life she had left. I told her to hold off on the prescribed opioids and I would do some research into other ways that would help her ease the pain without the awful side effects that come with pain meds. I never thought I would be a marijuana supporter but the research I did totally changed my thought process.

Marijuana Tourism: Seattle, WA Spring 2017

Downtown Seattle
Downtown Seattle

This past April I got the chance to visit the state of Washington, one of the (7) states that currently allow stores to sell marijuana for recreational use. This was the second time I’ve been to Washington since the passing of Initiative 502 in November of 2012, and on this trip, I was able to experience what (5) years of pro-cannabis culture has done for the budding marijuana industry in the United States.

Vaping 101

E-Cigarette Smoker
The E-Cigarette industry is estimated to be a $10 Billion industry by the end of 2017

If you haven’t lived in a cave for the past 5 or 6 years, you know what vaping is. You’ve seen the vape tournaments, the memes, and the futuristic-looking pens and boxes that people are using. You probably even have a couple of friends that do it! But you can’t help but wonder, what exactly is it? Why is it so popular? What are they even doing? Well, this article should help give you a little more insight on what is going on in this booming industry.

What is the Office of Compassionate Use? Medical Marijuana in Florida

Dried Medical Marijuana
Dried Medical Marijuana

In just a few short weeks, patients in the state of Florida will be able to legally purchase cannabis and cannabis‍ products that are intended for medical use. The regulation of this federally controlled substance will be handled by the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use, established in July of 20141. This office was established nearly two years prior to the passing of Amendment 2, due to increased interest in medical marijuana policy from the public and some notable court cases involving patients using the plant or extracts of the plant for medicinal purposes.

First Post

Marijuana plant growing in fresh soil
Marijuana plant growing in fresh soil

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